September 2010: Two migrants died in Slowakia during their border crossing from Ukraine

5. 9. 2010: Press article by Anna Kornajová

Tourists found already a second dead migrant in the Poloniny mountains

On Saturday morning a tourist found a young dead woman in a remote area of the protected area of the water reservoir Starina in the National Poloniny Park. Most probably an illegal migrant. What is shocking is that on Thursday another migrant of the same age died by the Schengen border. Both bodies were in areas where tourists go.

VEĽKÁ POĽANA/SNINA/SOBRANCE. The forests by the Schengen border have revealed atrocious testimonies to the human dramas of illegal migrants. On Saturday morning a tourist was hiking through the Bukovské hills in the area above the Starina water reservoir. He noticed a motionless woman body.

Saturday´s discovery: a dead woman of dark skin with no documents
Magdaléna Fečová, the regional Prešov police spokesperson, informed that soon after that past 8 AM the border police service from Topol notified the Snina policemen that an unidentified woman´s body was found in the area of Veľká Poľana. A police unit from Humenné headed to the spot right away. “They found out that by the wooden hut of the Jeleň-Veľká Poľana hunters´ association there is a body of a woman aged 20-30, of a plump figure, dark skin, probably an illegal migrant. She did not carry any identification card on her,“ the spokesperson said. She added that the pathologist did not ascertain any signs of somebody else causing the death. An autopsy at the Institute for the Health Care Oversight in Prešov will reveal more about the reasons for her death as well as on the identity of this young woman.

Thursday´s discovery: only 25-years´ old black woman
This poor migrant was, however, not the only one who found her death in the Bukovské hills. Agnesa Kopernická, the Sobrance Border Police Headquarters spokesperson, confirmed the  unofficial information we had about the death of a young foreigner in the vicinity of the village Nová Sedlice in the Snina district. “Yes, the black woman was of approximately 25 years of age. She did not have any identification documents on her,“ the spokesperson said. She was an illegal migrant. What is notable is the fact that while the woman in Veľká Poľana was found by the cottage, the poor black woman was not far from the tourist trail leading to the Slovak-Polish-Ukrainian border.

Africans were captured in the Sobrance district
None of the spokespersons confirmed that policemen would catch a group of refugees in the Uličské valley or in the surroundings of the Starian water reservoir. Ms Kopernická, however, reported that a group of Somali migrants was caught last week by the policemen from the Petrovce Border Control Unit in the Sobrance district. She did not confirm, however, that this would have any connection to the discoveries of the dead women in the Snina district. The Africans must have been surprised by not only the rain but also the night temperatures. According to the information we have the night temperatures decreased to seven degrees in the past days.

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