UNHCR on the latest developments in Ukraine

Depending on how the situation develops, third country nationals may also choose or be compelled to leave Ukraine, as a result of recent developments or in anticipation of a further escalation of the situation. Among these persons, there may be those who were recognized as refugees in Ukraine or registered as asylum-seekers. Afghan and Syrian nationals are heavily represented amongst asylum-seekers and refugees in Ukraine. Ukraine has been and remains a transit and destination country for refugees and people otherwise in need of international protection from third countries. If travelling onwards, these persons should be referred to national asylum procedures for consideration of their applications for international protection. In addition, there may be third country nationals or stateless persons who resided in Ukraine before seeking international protection elsewhere and who had not or not yet applied for international protection in Ukraine. UNHCR recommends that these persons also be referred to the national asylum procedure in the country where they seek international protection.

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