Refugees in Volyn Camp have gone on hunger strike

The migrants are protesting against the improper holding conditions at the Migrants and Stateless Persons Accommodation Centre in the town of Zhuravuchi, Lutsk region.

According to information of ZAXID.NET, in the morning on April 16, 2015 all foreigners refused to take breakfast and then dinner in order to attract attention of the Direction of the establishment to bad conditions of nourishment and holding in the camp. As the source informed, on Monday, April 13, two men effected the attempt to escape from the camp in Zhuravychi, the next day they were detained and returned by the law enforcement agents. After this case, the migrants have started to express their dissatisfaction with the improper holding developing into obvious protest.

The press-secretary of State Migration Service of Ukraine Serhiy Hunko did not deny the fact that the migrants intended to attract direction’s attention to certain problems, however he convinced that there were no any revolt and migrants did not refused from food.

They are communicated, now the situation is quite here. Yes, they are not satisfied with the nourishment, but I can assure you that conditions provided are in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers. They get food at the expense of the state budget neither worse nor better than, so to say, Ukrainian army. The same is concerned the holding conditions.“, – press-secretary of SMS of Ukraine explained.

It will be recalled that in 2012 Human Rights Organization Amnesty International paid attention to the facts of cruel treatment of the refugees at Temporary Holding Facility in Zhuravychi. Then, due to the information of the representatives of organization, the armed guard attacked the foreigners, who on January 6, 2012 went on hunger strike in protest against their unlawful holding.



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