BMPU media monitoring: A big group of irregular migrants traveling to Hungary was detained in Transcarpathia

thumb_news_20150705_190130_1436112090One of the biggest groups of irregular migrants ever was apprehended in Transcarpathia by the border guards of BS «Vilok» of the Mukachevo detachment. The border guards arrested the group 150 meter before the state border to Hungary. In total there were 22 persons, out of them four women and three children, including a baby. The arrested persons reported that they are citizens of Afghanistan. However, they hadn’t any documents to prove it. Border guards checked the surrounding territory to catch possibly involved persons in this tried border crossing. It will be recalled, that the staff of State Border Guard Service in close cooperation with MOI, SSU, SMS, and border agencies of European Union countries are operating in the joint operation «Border-2015». The goal of the operation is to exposure irregular transportation channels within the entire territory of Ukraine.



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